Sermon Notes

5/7/17 Song for the Afflicted Psalm 102

4/30/17 How to Care for Your Pastor

4/9/2017 Redeemed: Act 3 - Filled Ruth 4

4/2/2017 Redeemed: Act 2 - There Is A Redeemer Ruth 2-3

3/26/2017 Redeemed: Act I—Famine in the House of Bread Ruth 1

3/12/2017 Our Forever-High Priest Hebrews 7

3/5/2017 Foundation and Fruit of Faith Genesis 14.1-15.1

2/26/2017 Responding to Spiritual Dangers, Pt 2 2 Peter 3.11-18

2/12/2017 Responding to Spiritual Dangers, Pt 1 2 Peter 3:1-10

2/5/2017 Recognizing Spiritual Dangers Sunday 2 Peter 2:1-22

1/22/2017 God's Plan for Our Spiritual Growth 1 & 2 Peter

1/8/2017 Peter: Learning to Follow Jesus Mark 14:26-31, 66-72

1/1/2017 AM Turning the Page Deuteronomy 34 Joshua 1

12/25/2016 AM The Blessing of God Through Jesus the Son Numbers 6:22-27

12/18/2016 AM The Grace of God in Revealing the Son Titus 2.11-14

12/4/2016 AM The Love of God in Sending His Son John 3:16

11/27/2016 AM Jesus Transforms Ruined People Mark 4:35-5:20

11/20/2016 AM The Wisdom of God in the Church Ephesians 3:7-11

11/6/2016 AM God’s Conquering King Revelation 4-7

10/30/2016 AM The Wisdom Of God In Christ 1 Corinthians 1.18-31

10/23/2016 AM The Faithfulness of God Lamentations 3:19-24

10/16/2016 AM The Favor of God & the Confession of Our Sin Ezra 9

10/2/2016 AM The Holiness of God Isaiah 6:1-8

9/25/2016 AM The Unchangeableness God Psalm 102:25-28

9/11/16 AM The Majesty Of God, Part 2 2 Peter 1:16-18

9/4/2016 AM The Majesty Of God, Part 1 Job 26:14

8/28/2016 AM I Will Pass Over You: A Communion Meditation Exodus 12:13

8/14/2016 AM Kingdom Focused Prayer Acts 1:1-14

8/7/2016 AM The Glory Of The Gospel: Union With Christ Ephesians 1:3

7/31/2016 AM The Security of The Gospel: Assurance & Perseverance 1 Peter 1:3-5

7/24/2016 AM Glorification 1 John 2:28–3:3

7/17/2016 AM Sanctification: The Progress of the Gospel 1 Thessalonians 5.23-24

7/3/2016 AM Freedom: The Joy of the Gospel Romans 6:1-16

6/26/16 AM Reconciliation: The Peace of the Gospel Colossians 1:19-22

6/19/16 AM Adoption: The Privilege of the Gospel Romans 8

6/12/16 AM The Verdict of the Gospel: Justification Romans 3:19-30

6/5/16 PM The Competing Nature of Pride 1 Corinthians 1 & James 4

6/5/16 AM The New Life of the Gospel: Regeneration & Conversion John 3:3-8 & others

5/29/16 AM The Initiation of the Gospel: Election and Calling Ephesians 1 & Romans 8

5/22/16 AM The Need for the Gospel: Sin & Condemnation Romans 5 & Ephesians 2

5/15/16 AM The Substance of the Gospel: Jesus Christ Colossians 2:6-10

5/8/16 AM Eve: The Mother Of All Living Genesis 3:20

5/1/16 AM His Testimony Is True John 21:23-25

4/24/16 AM Follow Me John 21:18-23

4/10/16 PM Endurance, Patience, and Prayer for the Saints Colossians 1:11-14

4/3/16 AM Do You Love Me? John 21

3/27/16 AM My Lord and My God John 20:24-31

3/20/2016 AM Blessed Is The King! Luke 19:37-40

3/13/2016 AM The Sufficiency of Christ for our Ministry and Message 2 Corinthians 4:1-6

2/28/2016 AM In Wrath Remember Mercy Habakkuk 3:2

2/14/2016 AM Peace & Power for Fearful Disciples John 20:19-23

2/7/2016 AM Mary Magdalene: Witness of Jesus John 20:1-18

1/24/16 AM Believe and Follow: Marks of True Disciples John 19:31-42

1/17/16 PM Bruised Reeds, Smoldering Wicks, and Jesus Isaiah 42:1-4

1/10/16 PM Hope Hebrews 11

1/10/16 AM Come Unto Me Matthew 11:28-30

1/3/2016 AM Demonstrating the Power of the Spirit in 2016,1 Corinthians 2:1-5

12/27/2015 AM The Light of the World John 8:12

12/20/2015 AM Joseph: Citizen of Israel, Refugee in Egypt Matthew 2

12/13/2015 AM Joseph: Subject to Caesar, Heir of Christ Luke 2:1-7

12/6/15 AM Joseph: A Life Unexpected (Part 1) Matthew 1:18-25

11/29/15 AM Overview of Habakkuk

11/22/15 AM The Cross and Cry of Victory John 19:17-30

11/15/15 PM The Suffering Shepherd 1 Peter 2:21-25

11/15/15 AM Christ Alone Colossians 1.13-23

11/8/15 AM  - No notes to post

11/1/2015 PM Suffering, Grace, and Glory 1 Peter 5:10

11/1/2015 AM Who Will Be King? John 18:33-19:16

10/25/2015 PM Humility, Anxiety, and God’s Personal Concern 1 Peter 5:6-7

10/25/2015 AM Treachery & Truth John 18

10/18/2015 AM Church Planting, Tim Chapman

10/11/2015 AM The Sent Ones John 17.18

10/4/2015 AM That They May Be One John 17.20-26

9/27/2015 AM Jesus Prays for our Protection and Sanctification John 17:6-19

9/20/2015 AM Be Strong, Work, Fear Not Haggai

9/13/2015 AM The Glory of God & The Good of Man John 17:1-5, 24

Articles referenced in Pastor Brooks' message, A Call to Holiness, on 9/6/2015 AM
     Sexual Detox by Tim Challies
     False Messages by Aileen Challies
     My Wife's Plea to Christian Men by Tim & Aileen Challies

8/30/2015 Peace and Tribulation John 16:29-33

8/23/2015 The Father Loves You! John 16:25-28

8/16/2015 No One Will Take Your Joy From You John 16:16-24

8/9/15 AM The Holy Spirit - Guiding Us Into The Glories Of Jesus John 16.13-15

8/2/15 AM The Holy Spirit Our Great Advantage John 16:1-15

7/26/15 PM The Gospel and Gender Identity Various Passages

7/26/15 AM Five Purposes of The Lord’s Supper 1 Corinthians 10-11

7/19/15 AM Bearing Witness with the Helper John 15:18-27

7/12/15 PM Homosexuality,Same-Sex Attraction, and the Christian 

7/12/15 AM Love, Obey, Ask John 15:12-17

7/5/15 AM Abiding In Christ John 15.1-8

6/28/15 AM The Peace Christ Gives John 14:27

6/21/15 AM Abba, Father! Galations 4:4-7

6/14/15 AM Be One. Make One. Being a Follower by Making a Follower Part 2 Hebrews 10:19-25

6/7/15 AM Be One. Make One. Being a Follower by Making a Follower Part 1 Matthew 28:16-20

5/31/15 AM Love that Obeys John 14:15-31

5/24/15 AM Another Helper John 14:15-17

5/17/15 AM That The Father May Be Glorified John 14:12-14

5/10/15 AM A Gift of Righteousness Romans 5:15-21

5/3/2015 AM Waiting on God Psalm 62

4/27/2015 AM The Way, The Truth, The Life John 14:4-11

4/19/2015 AM Believe Also in Me, John 14:1-3

4/5/2015 AM Brought Again From the Dead

3/29/15 AM The Righteous and Humble King Matthew 21:1-17: Zechariah 9:9

3/22/15 AM Exercising Conscience to the Glory of God 

3/15/15 PM 10 Questions to Ask Concerning the Use of Liberty

3/15/15 AM Conscience: Handling Differences That Divide PowerPoint

3/15/15 AM Conscience: Handling Differences That Divide Romans 14-15 & 1 Corinthians 9

3/8/2015 AM Clearing A Guilty Conscience Hebrews 9 & 10

3/1/2015 PM Building and Blessing with Our Words Ephesians 4:29

3/1/2015 AM Conscience: The Witness to God’s Authority Acts 10

2/22/2015 PM “In Christ” Speak Like Who You Are 2 Corinthians 2:12-17

2/22/2015 AM Conscience: God's Watchman & Spokesman in the Soul 2 Corinthians 1:12

2/15/2015 PM "In Christ" Live LIke Who You Are

2/15/2015 AM God’s Zealous Commitment to His Own Supremacy

2/8/2015 PM “In Christ” – Remember Who You Are

2/8/2015 AM Help for the Hopeless John 5:1-18

2/1/2015 AM A New Commandment John 13:33-35

1/25/2015 PM Meditations on Gratitude 1 Thessalonians 5:18

1/25/2015 AM The Father and the Son Glorified John 13:31-32

1/18/2015 AM Rejecting Christ’s Love on the Road to Destruction John 13:21-30

1/11/2015 AM Severeign Over the Betrayer (Part 1) John 13:18-30

1/4/2015 AM Jesus the Servant John 13:1-17

12/28/14 AM Walk While You Have the Light John 12:34-50

12/21/2014 AM A Savior Who is Christ the Lord Luke 2:10-14

12/14/2014 AM Zecharian Luke 1: 4-25

12/7/2014 PM Thoughts on the Virgin Birth

12/7/2014 AM The Wonder of the Virgin Birth

11/30/2014 AM Sure Signs of Christ’s Love For Us

11/23/2014 AM When I Am Lifted Up John 12:27-33

11/16/2014 PM Seeing Gratitude in the Life of Jesus

11/16/2014 AM Simon Says

11/09/2014 PM Developing Thankfulness

11/09/2014 AM Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Persecuted Church

11/2/2014 PM Insights on Giving Thanks

11/2/2014 AM Ministry and Vision: Worship Part 2

10/26/2014 AM Ministry and Vision: Worship

10/19/2014 PM The Holy Spirit Today
The Holy Spirit Today PowerPoint

11/2/2014 AM Vision and Mission: Worship

10/19/2014 AM Growing by Cultivating a Relational Community

10/12/2014 PM The Holy Spirit in the New Testament
The Holy Spirit in the New Testament PowerPoint

10/12/2014 AM Bigger Than Anything

10/5/2014 PM The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament PowerPoint

10/5/2014 AM Joyfully Cultivate a Christ-focused, Relational Community

9/28/2014 PM The Powerful Potential of the Tongue, James 3:2-12

9/21/2014 PM Sins of the Tongue: Grumbling, Exodus 15-17 & Philippians 2:14-16

9/21/2014 AM For the Glory of God, A Vision for Ministry notes
9/21/2014 AM For the Glory of God, A Vision for Ministry PowerPoint

9/14/2014 PM Ministry of the Tongue: Grace & Gratitude, Ephesians 4:29 & 5:4

9/14/2014 AM The Hour Has Come John 12:9-26

9/7/2014 PM Sins of the Tongue: Slander, Ephesians 4:29-31

9/7/2014 AM  Love, Greed, and  Imminent Death John 11:55-12:11 

8/31/2014 PM The Sufficient Scriptures, 2 Timothy 3:16-17

8/31/2014 AM Better that One Man Should Die John 11:46-57

8/24/2014 PM Love and Indignation at the Tomb of a Friend John 11:1-45, Part 2

8/24/2014 AM The Glory of the Resurrection and the Life John 11:1-45, Part 1

8/17/2014 AM I and the Father are One John 10:30-42

8/10/2014 AM No One Will Snatch Them Out of My Hand John 10:22-30

8/3/2014 AM  Of First Importance 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 & 9:19

7/20/2014 PM The Good Shepherd Parts 1 & 2 John 10:1-21

7/13/2014 AM Command, Commission, and Opportunity: Making Much of Christ in Ministry

7/6/2014 PM Responding to Grace with Wartime Prayer

6/29/2014 AM Do You Believe in the Son of Man?

6/22/2014 PM Fan the Flame

6/22/2014 AM Do You Believe in the Son of Man?

6/15/2014 AM The New Math for Men

6/8/2014 PM The Embrace of Jesus by Faith

6/1/2014 AM & PM All for the Sake of the Gospel

5/25/2014 PM An Empty Tomb: Our Identity and Foundation

5/25/2014 AM Making Followers: A Vision for Our Children and For Us All

5/18/2014 AM "I AM"

5/11/2014 AM The Power of Christ to Bring Peace

5/4/2014 AM A Broken Servant and the Surprising God

4/27/2014 Fear God & Keep His Commandments

4/27/2014 AM Jealous for Christ’s Bride

4/20/2014 AM The Authority of the Resurrected King

4/13/2014 PM Remember Your Creator

4/13/2014 AM A Scribe, the Law, the Christ, and the Cross

4/6/2014 PM Counsel for Bold Investment and Industry

3/30/2014 & 4/6/2014 AM Modesty: The Distinguishing Attire of the Believer’s Life

3/23/2014 PM Wisdom and Folly in Everyday Life

3/23/2014 AM Humility: The Distinguishing Attire of the Believer's Heart

3/16/2014 PM Live the Life God Created For You

3/16/2014 AM Explanation of the next 10 Weeks 

3/2/2014 AM The Truth Will Set You Free Part 2

2/23/2014 PM The Truth Will Set You Free

2/23/2014 AM The Profit of God’s Wisdom, Continued

2/16/2014 Baptism Service and Mission Trip Report - No Notes to Post

2/9/2014 Guest Speaker - No Notes to Post

2/2/2014 AM Is Jesus Your LIFE

1/26/2014 PM Crooked Places and Crooked Things

1/26/2014 AM Abide In My Words

1/19/2014 PM Contentment and Joy Amidst the Contradictions of Life

1/19/2014 AM The Believer’s Adoption

1/12/2014 AM Light Shines in the Darkness

1/5/2014 AM Four Benefits of God’s Word

12/29/2013 AM I Am the Light of the World

12/22/2013 AM Shepherds Why This Jubilee?

12/15/2013 AM Into the World to Save Sinners

12/8/2013 PM 5 Important Questions for Avoiding Unnecessary Conflicts

12/8/2013 AM Transforming Our Thinking by the Christmas Story

12/01/2013 AM Full Circle

11/24/2013 PM God is in heaven; you are on earth

11/24/2013 AM Remember Jesus at His Supper

11/17/2013 PM Occupied with Joy

11/10/2013 PM The Beauty & Joy of Living a Life God Controls

11/10/2013 AM Love: The Mark of a Christian

11/3/2013 PM No Joy in Life Apart from God Parts 1 & 2

11/3/2013 AM Division, Disdain, and Deliverance

10/27/2013 AM If Your Brother Sins

10/20/2013 AM Jesus is the Feast

10/13/2013 AM Confronting and Correcting Unrighteousness

9/29/2013 PM The Joy of Forgiveness

9/29/2013 AM Authority, Motive, and the Glory of God

9/22/2013 AM God’s Time and God’s Truth

9/15/2013 AM You Have the Words of Life

9/8/2013 PM My Sin Is Ever Before Me

9/8/2013 AM The Father Who Gives; The Christ Who Keeps

9/1/2013 PM Have Mercy on Me, O God

8/25/2013 PM The Beauty of Gethsemane

8/25/2013 AM Consume the Word to Taste Jesus

8/18/2013 AM I Am The Bread Of Life

8/11/2013 No sermon notes to post

8/4/2013 No sermon notes to post

7/28/2013 AM It Is I; Do Not Be Afraid.

7/21/2013 AM This is Indeed the Prophet!

7/14/2013 PM Tilting the Waterskins of Heaven

7/14/2013 AM The Judge, The Witnesses, and the Indictment

7/7/2013 PM My Refuge and My Portion

7/7/2013 AM Son of God, Son of Man 

6/30/2013 AM Building a House of Mercy in a Culture of Law, John 5:1-18

6/23/2013 PM Fear, Madness, and Refuge in God , Psalm 34

6/23/2013 AM No sermon notes due to testimony and communion

6/16/2013 AM The Father's Mercy and Loving Our Enemies

6/2/2013 PM I Love You, O Lord, My Strength

6/2/2013 AM The Second Sign and the Call to Believe

5/26/2013 PM Be Exalted, O God, Above the Heavens

5/26/2013 AM The Father Seeks Worshipers

5/19/2013 AM The Father Seeks Worshipers

5/12/2013 PM Satisfaction and Praise in the Wilderness

5/12/2013 AM The Value of an Ordinary Woman’s Life

5/5/2013 No notes due to AM Communion and PM Summer Missions Service

4/28/2013 AM Thirsty for Something More

4/21/2013 PM False Accusations, Flaming Arrows and Songs of Praise

4/21/2013 AM Responding to the Son

4/14/2013 PM  My Name Is Written on His Heart

4/14/2013 AM The Increasing Influence of Jesus & the Decreasing Influence of a Humble Servant

4/7/2013 AM Trusting God, Even Though

3/31/2013 AM Death is Swallowed Up In Victory

3/24/2013 AM & PM Welcome One Another 

3/17/2013 PM Christ Our Cure for Fear, Division, and Hypocrisy

3/11/2013 AM That the World through Him Might Be Saved

3/3/2013 PM Jehovah is My Shepherd

2/24/2013 PM Behold My Servant

2/24/2013 AM Jehovah is My Shepherd

2/17/2013 PM The Church That Will Be

2/17/2013 AM The Church That Is

2/10/2013 PM Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Part 5

2/10/2013 AM God So Loved The World

2/3/2013 PM Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Part 4

2/3/2013 AM You Must Be Born Again

1/27/2013 PM Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Part 3

1/27/2013 AM Raising the Temple

1/20/2013 PM Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Part 2

1/20/2013 AM Overturning More than Tables

1/13/2013 PM Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Part1

1/13/2013 AM Old Things Are Passing Away, New Things Have Come!

1/6/2013 AM Finding & Following the Son of God

12/30/2012 AM Behold The Lamb of God

12/23/2012 AM Full of Grace and Truth

12/16/2012 AM Dwelling with Us, Revealing the Invisible God

12/9/2012 PM Doing the Word

12/9/2012 AM In the Beginning Was The Word

12/2/2012 PM Sufficient Grace and Achieving Power

12/2/2012 AM That You Might Believe, An Introduction to John

11/25/2012 AM A Testimony of Rescuing Mercy and Overflowing Grace

11/18/2012 PM Giving Thanks Always

11/4/2012 AM Make Followers of God by Declaring His Glories

11/4/2012 PM Trust in the God Who Is Eternal

10/29/2012 AM Responding to Grace through Generous Stewardship (2 Cor 8:1-10)

10/15/2012 AM & PM Responding to Grace with Justice, Mercy & Humility

10/7/2012 AM Honoring the King by Casting a Vote

9/30/2012 PM Trusting God in Any Circumstance

9/30/2012 AM Do I Fit into God's Plans or Do I Fit God into My Plans?

9/23/2012 AM & PM Responding to Grace through Fellowship Acts 2:42

9/16/2012 - Responding to Grace as Disciples who Make Disciples

Discipleship Questions

9/9/2012 AM - Responding to Grace with Wartime Prayer

9/2/2012 Responding to Grace in the Personal Service of Worship

One Another Sermon Series list

8/26/2012 Love One Another!

8/19/2012 PM Fellowship with One Another

8/12/2012 AM & PM Humility Toward One Another 

8/5/2012 AM & PM Love Covers and Houses

7/29/2012 AM Abiding in Christ – The Essence of Life in Him

7/29/2012 PM A Record Expunged

7/22/2012 PM How God Makes Well-Rounded Christians

7/22/2012 AM Because We Have Access, We Must Persevere

07/15/2012 PM God’s Children Must Pursue Renewal

07/15/2012 AM God Delights to Make Sinners New

07/08/2012 He Must Increase

7/1/2012 AM & PM Love One Another Earnestly

6/24/2012 AM Be Still and Know that I am God

6/18/2012 AM & PM Our Heavenly Father

6/11/2012 AM & PM Confess Your Sins to One Another