Electives: Summer 2018

As we seek to grow together, our church family pursues instruction and relationships. Sunday mornings at 11:00, Electives are the primary time for instruction. After the morning service, we gather in a variety of classes to learn practical ways we can grow in our walk with Jesus and in our relationships with each other. Electives run for varying periods of time, and our calendar year is divided into three sections or trimesters (winter/spring, summer, and fall) with breaks scheduled between. During the adult Electives, children, middle school, and high school students meet according to their grades.

Summer Elective Schedule

9-Week Electives

 5-Week Electives

Sundays, June 3 - Aug 5, 11:00 AM
Christianity Explored
Hebrews: Jesus Is Better

 Sundays, June 3 - July 1, 11:00 AM
 Just Do Something
 Membership Matters
 Men Receiving the Word: Acts
 Volunteer for Children's Ministries


 4-Week Electives


 Sundays, July 15 - Aug 5, 11:00 AM 
 Ruth: God's Kindness
 Suffering Well
 Women's Discipleship Training
 Volunteer for Children's Ministries


Core Electives

While we offer a number of elective classes each elective cycle and throughout each year, there are six classes that we are calling Core Electives. These are the central classes that we will offer on a rotating basis every calendar year and sometimes multiple times each year. The purpose of Core Electives is to provide a pathway for growing in Christ to any person who enters our church—unbeliever, new believer, or any believer. No matter your relationship to Christ, there is a class which you could step into in order to learn more about Jesus and life in Him.

We desire our Heritage Members to participate in each of these six classes at some point. This will help each of us to grow in Christ, and it will help us know where we could take a friend who might come with us to church.

The two Core Electives we are offering this summer are:

  1. Christianity Explored (9 weeks)
  2. Membership Matters (5 weeks)

Summer Electives Map

9-Week Electives
Sundays, June 3 - August 5, 11:00 AM (no Electives on July 8)

Christianity Explored

Overview: Christianity Explored is a way of sharing the best news ever heard, and gives people space and time to think about the big questions of life. Invite a friend to join us for six sessions in Mark’s Gospel as we find out more about the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith--Jesus Christ.
Leaders: Lewis Carl, Phil Adams

Hebrews: Jesus Is Better

Overview: God gave many promises and commands to our spiritual ancestors through the prophets, but in these last messianic days, He has spoken definitively through His Son. Join us in a study of the book of Hebrews, and witness the superiority of Jesus over the angels, Moses, Joshua, the tabernacle, the sacrifices, and the Old Covenant. Through Hebrews, we will gain wisdom on how the New Testament quotes the Old, how to apply the warning passages, and understand how Jesus fulfills Old Testament typology. Come prepared to worship the Son.
Teachers: Mark Centers, Dennis McKinsey


5-Week Electives
Sundays, June 3 - July 1, 11:00 AM

Just Do Something: How to Make Decisions Based on What God Desires

Overview: Our lives are chock full of decisions, both major and minor. Which career path? Career change? Grad school? Whom should I marry? Remain single? Does God care where I live or which church I join? How can I know God’s heart in the decision I’m currently facing? We’ll explore how God intends us to make decisions and what it means from the Scriptures to “please God” both in the big and small choices we face. We think you’ll come away with a Biblical understanding of what God’s will is, key Scripture passages, how to make decisions that please God, and understanding of God-given freedom in making non-moral decisions.
Teachers: John Gardner, Brandon Godwin

Membership Matters: An Introduction to the Why, Who, and What of the Heritage Family

Overview: An orientation class essential for anyone wanting to become a Member of the Heritage Bible Church family or any Member who has not yet participated in the class. We believe that local church membership is vital for the growth of every follower of Jesus, and we will walk through the biblical foundation for membership, our Confession of Faith and Membership Covenant, as well as key aspects of body life at Heritage.
Teachers: Various Elders

Men Receiving the Word: A Journey through Acts

Overview: The Lord Jesus has been crucified and is risen again! But when Jesus returned to His Father not long after this amazing triumph, the disciples must have been left wondering, “What happens now?” He promised He would build His church, but now He’s gone. Or is He? Men, come read the book of Acts with us and see how the risen Lord begins to build and strengthen His church in new and powerful ways after His ascension. Over five weeks, we will hear the entire book of Acts read aloud. We will ask the same Holy Spirit so prevalent in these pages to open our eyes to see more of Jesus, that we might love and obey Him. Come prepared to read, listen, and discuss.
Teachers: Dave Gerdt, Darren Gardner

Volunteer for Children's Ministries

Overview: Opportunities in our nursery, preschool, and journey groups.
Director: Kevin Delp

4-Week Electives
Sundays, July 15 - August 5, 11:00 AM

Ruth: A Romantic Comedy about God's Kindness

Overview: Join us for a simple study in the book of Ruth. By focusing on reading the text of our English Bibles, we’ll understand why this book is important, get to know the key characters, appreciate the details of the story, and, most of all, learn more of God’s sweet kindness to His people.
Teacher: Nathan Majewski

Suffering Well

Overview: Pain, suffering, and death are a part of this earthly existence. When we or those we love walk through dark times, it’s natural for questions to overwhelm us: “Where is God? Does He care? Where do I turn? How do I cope? How do I respond? Can I help someone else?” We’ll survey what the Scriptures say about suffering, God’s character, and our response in times of pain.
Teacher: Brad Hilgeman

Women's Discipleship Training: Building Each Other Up in Love

Overview: Our Savior’s vibrant, loving friendship transforms us into His passionate ambassadors. This elective will flesh out the essence and importance of discipleship with the aim of helping women grow in their desire and ability to reach other women across the many ministries at Heritage. Whether you are facilitating a Bible study small group, mentoring in a Shepherding Group, teaching an elective, or supporting children and youth ministries, come discover the joy of joining God in His plan “to equip the saints…so that [Christ’s body] builds itself up in love” (Ephesians 4:12-16).
Teacher: Liz Stratton

Volunteer for Children's Ministries

Overview: Opportunities in our nursery, preschool, and journey groups.
Director: Kevin Delp

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